"America - love it or LEAVE!"
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Tue Nov 29, 2016 at 10:01:53 PM EST
I've been hearing that and similar sentiments fairly frequently in the last few days - far FAR more often than ever before.  Hearing about "consequences for burning the flag (actions) from Trump is chilling!
The rabid dominionists in this area - those who are vocal and active in public venues, have long ranted about "consequences for actions" - which as we know included Christian terrorism for saying or writing things that they didn't like.  It was really chilling to hear more of the same from Trump.

What made the hairs on the back of my neck rise was when I read that he was advocating for jail time or stripping a protester of their citizenship, for burning the flag.

Many times I've thought about burning the flag.  I've seen the lie that is this country.  I've seen the dark and vicious reality it is to the poor, to minorities, and the way it protects the rich and their profits (while they destroy lives) while slapping flags all over the act.  Black Lives Matter didn't start in a vacuum, and their cause is just.  The MRFF didn't start in a vacuum.  My ancestors had their land, their culture, and their rights even to EXIST in their homeland stripped from them - we didn't get those rights back until years after I left High School.  While I may believe in the promise of America (and I do), the flag does not represent that promise.  It represents the reality.  It was proudly waved by the Klan (along with the Stars and Bars) after they committed atrocities against minorities and lynched black (and American Indian) people.  It fluttered over "battlefields" where American soldiers slaughtered peace-seeking men, women, and LITTLE CHILDREN (actually a fairly common occurrence throughout much of the first half of its history).  It fluttered from the mast of the US Navy warship that gunned and sank barges loaded with women and children from my tribe - after promising their menfolk that if they helped the US military against the Seminole, they could stay on the land.  It flew in the faces of people who were being oppressed and their oppressors were protected by the military raising that flag (because they served the interests of the 1% in this country).

That flag, for a lot of people, does not bring about pride.  It brings fear and hopelessness.  So many poor people in this country feel little hope - and so many of them (especially the homeless) commit suicide (while the hateful language they got from Christians ranting at them that "your SINS are why you're poor!" is still ringing in their ears) - yet people rant at them to be proud to be an American.  It flies from the flagstaffs of the agencies that are supposed to help the poor, but who put up barrier after barrier under the guise of "encouraging them to be self-sufficient".  It flies from the businesses who refuse to pay a decent wage and overcharge and screw the poor.  It flies from the houses of the rich who made their fortunes through exploiting poor people.  I've SEEN that.

I see the flag and I feel nothing positive.  I've seen too much evil in this country under that flag to feel any friendliness towards it.  It lost any claim to representing the promise by being waved in the face of America's victims.

The Dominionists (and others of like ilk) fuss about God punishing America if they don't "Bring America back to Jesus!".  The fact is, America is long past due for punishment - by over a couple of hundred years.  Slavery, theft of land so that a tiny handful can get filthy rich, the taking of resources and abuse AND GENOCIDE of the original inhabitants, all of these things are the reality.  Giving women control over their bodies and lives is not the same as murdering men, women, and children because they occupied land that greedy people wanted.  Allowing poor women (poor people in general, actually) the ability to limit the sizes of their families so that they have a chance of being able to afford to take care of their family is nowhere near the enslavement of people from a continent, because their skin was much darker.  I could go on and on... the "sins" and so on that they rant about are NOTHING to what they themselves do to the people the one they claimed to follow said to HELP!

Trump's threat to strip people of their citizenship is just an extension of the America I've seen - and it ties right in with the hate I read or hear on a frequent basis - the "If you don't love America, then leave!" or "My way or the Highway".  What they're saying is "If you won't express gratitude for your third-class existence and take our abuse and thievery with a smile, you can leave or die!"  Trump is just opening the door of ways to reduce innocent-but-honest people to slavery or to being made nationless as well as homeless.  IT CAN HAPPEN.

People talk about patriotism, well, I would ask them who is more patriotic - a person who demands that this country live up to its promise and denounces corporate evildoing (such as the murder of black people by the police or forcing oil pipelines through reservation spaces while destroying burial grounds and other sites), or the person who demands that people support it right or wrong - and helps it live down to the reality.

Then when people start telling me to leave, I'll tell them that my ancestors MET their ancestors at the shore, when they first arrived.  My ancestors showed kindness and helped their ancestors to survive and even prosper - and were repaid with theft and knives in their backs.  IT is the HATERS who should leave - the spiritual descendants of the people who stole the land and murdered, imprisoned, and put the survivors they could catch on the trail of tears who should leave - or they should learn what is really meant by "I desire mercy and not sacrifice!"

Dominionists claim they want to "take back America for Jesus!".  The reality as we've experienced it is this: They want to (1) convert everyone in their area to their religious ideology, and believe that EVERYONE must change to be like them.  If people aren't interested, they proceed to (2) either drive them out of the area, or (3) end their existence.

#3 is what will come, especially if they succeed in driving people out of area after area - soon we wouldn't have a place to exist.  #2?  We've experienced decades of #2, plus caught them stalking us numerous times in an attempt to force #1 on us.  They don't take "No" for an answer, and I've told their reaction to open resistance (arson, poisoned kitties, slander {possibly libel}, etc.).  Those are the things we KNOW about.  Even passive resistance brings down violent verbal attacks and threats in some instances (been there, done that, have the t-shirt so to speak).

Everything ties together, and I have bad feelings about the future of this country.  The US COULD live up to its potential, but the dominionists are the ones dragging it down.  (Veterans and active Military seem to have forgotten "enemies foreign and domestic".  I think it could easily be argued that dominionists are domestic enemies of the constitution and of the United States.  After all, we DO have them recorded as saying that they must change the constitution to do away with such things as separation of church and state and equal rights - even calling for the overthrow of the government and the constitution!)

by ArchaeoBob on Wed Nov 30, 2016 at 11:05:22 AM EST

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"I always get nervous when I see female pastors/chaplains. Here is why everyone should as well: "First, women are not called to be pastors,......
By Chris Rodda (198 comments)
The Legacy of Big Oil
The media is ablaze with the upcoming publication of David Grann's book, Killers of the Flower Moon. The shocking non fiction account of the......
By wilkyjr (111 comments)
Gimme That Old Time Dominionism Denial
Over the years, I have written a great deal here and in other venues about the explicitly theocratic movement called dominionism -- which has......
By Frederick Clarkson (101 comments)
History Advisor to Members of Congress Completely Twists Jefferson's Words to Support Muslim Ban
Pseudo-historian David Barton, best known for his misquoting of our country's founders to promote the notion that America was founded as a Christian nation,......
By Chris Rodda (113 comments)
"Christian Fighter Pilot" Calls First Lesbian Air Force Academy Commandant a Liar
In a new post on his "Christian Fighter Pilot" blog titled "BGen Kristin Goodwin and the USAFA Honor Code," Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan......
By Chris Rodda (144 comments)
Catholic Right Leader Unapologetic about Call for 'Death to Liberal Professors' -- UPDATED
Today, Donald Trump appointed C-FAM Executive Vice President Lisa Correnti to the US Delegation To UN Commission On Status Of Women. (C-FAM is a......
By Frederick Clarkson (126 comments)
Controlling Information
     Yesterday I listened to Russ Limbaugh.  Rush advised listeners it would be best that they not listen to CNN,MSNBC, ABC, CBS and......
By wilkyjr (118 comments)
Is Bannon Fifth-Columning the Pope?
In December 2016 I wrote about how White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, who likes to flash his Catholic credentials when it comes to......
By Frank Cocozzelli (250 comments)
Ross Douthat's Hackery on the Seemingly Incongruous Alliance of Bannon & Burke
Conservative Catholic writer Ross Douthat has dissembled again. This time, in a February 15, 2017 New York Times op-ed titled The Trump Era's Catholic......
By Frank Cocozzelli (64 comments)
`So-Called Patriots' Attack The Rule Of Law
Every so often, right-wing commentator Pat Buchanan lurches out of the far-right fever swamp where he has resided for the past 50 years to......
By Rob Boston (161 comments)
Bad Faith from Focus on the Family
Here is one from the archives, Feb 12, 2011, that serves as a reminder of how deeply disingenuous people can be. Appeals to seek......
By Frederick Clarkson (176 comments)
The Legacy of George Wallace
"One need not accept any of those views to agree that they had appealed to real concerns of real people, not to mindless, unreasoning......
By wilkyjr (70 comments)
Betsy DeVos's Mudsill View of Public Education
My Talk to Action colleague Rachel Tabachnick has been doing yeoman's work in explaining Betsy DeVos's long-term strategy for decimating universal public education. If......
By Frank Cocozzelli (80 comments)
Prince and DeVos Families at Intersection of Radical Free Market Privatizers and Religious Right
This post from 2011 surfaces important information about President-Elect Trump's nominee for Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos. -- FC Erik Prince, Brother of Betsy......
By Rachel Tabachnick (218 comments)

Respect for Others? or Political Correctness?
The term "political correctness" as used by Conservatives and Republicans has often puzzled me: what exactly do they mean by it? After reading Chip Berlin's piece here-- http://www.talk2action.org/story/2016/7/21/04356/9417 I thought about what he explained......
MTOLincoln (253 comments)
What I'm feeling now is fear.  I swear that it seems my nightmares are coming true with this new "president".  I'm also frustrated because so many people are not connecting all the dots! I've......
ArchaeoBob (107 comments)
"America - love it or LEAVE!"
I've been hearing that and similar sentiments fairly frequently in the last few days - far FAR more often than ever before.  Hearing about "consequences for burning the flag (actions) from Trump is chilling!......
ArchaeoBob (211 comments)
"Faked!" Meme
Keep your eyes and ears open for a possible move to try to discredit the people openly opposing Trump and the bigots, especially people who have experienced terrorism from the "Right"  (Christian Terrorism is......
ArchaeoBob (165 comments)
More aggressive proselytizing
My wife told me today of an experience she had this last week, where she was proselytized by a McDonald's employee while in the store. ......
ArchaeoBob (163 comments)
See if you recognize names on this list
This comes from the local newspaper, which was conservative before and took a hard right turn after it was sold. Hint: Sarah Palin's name is on it!  (It's also connected to Trump.) ......
ArchaeoBob (169 comments)
Unions: A Labor Day Discussion
This is a revision of an article which I posted on my personal board and also on Dailykos. I had an interesting discussion on a discussion board concerning Unions. I tried to piece it......
Xulon (171 comments)
Extremely obnoxious protesters at WitchsFest NYC: connected to NAR?
In July of this year, some extremely loud, obnoxious Christian-identified protesters showed up at WitchsFest, an annual Pagan street fair here in NYC.  Here's an account of the protest by Pagan writer Heather Greene......
Diane Vera (130 comments)
Capitalism and the Attack on the Imago Dei
I joined this site today, having been linked here by Crooksandliars' Blog Roundup. I thought I'd put up something I put up previously on my Wordpress blog and also at the DailyKos. As will......
Xulon (330 comments)
History of attitudes towards poverty and the churches.
Jesus is said to have stated that "The Poor will always be with you" and some Christians have used that to refuse to try to help the poor, because "they will always be with......
ArchaeoBob (148 comments)
Alternate economy medical treatment
Dogemperor wrote several times about the alternate economy structure that dominionists have built.  Well, it's actually made the news.  Pretty good article, although it doesn't get into how bad people could be (have been)......
ArchaeoBob (90 comments)
Evidence violence is more common than believed
Think I've been making things up about experiencing Christian Terrorism or exaggerating, or that it was an isolated incident?  I suggest you read this article (linked below in body), which is about our great......
ArchaeoBob (214 comments)

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